Galleries and Gift Shops

Here are places you can visit to see jim downey glass art:

Eclipse Gallery (Wilmington, NC) Ornaments and Sculptures

Cameron Art Museum (Wilmington, NC) Pendant Jewelry

Cicada Jewelry (Wilmington, NC) Pendant Jewelry

Tidal Creek (Wilmington, NC) Glass Straws

Re-Eco (Wilmington, NC) Glass Straws

Carolina Creations (New Bern, NC) Ornaments

Sandpiper Gallery (Charleston, SC) Ornaments and Pendant Jewelry

Village Craftsmen Gallery (Ocracoke, NC) Ornaments and Pendant Jewelry

Hot Sand Gallery (Asbury Park, NJ) Ornaments and Pendant Jewelry



The Mole Hole (Carmel by the Sea, CA) (831) 626-1640